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Apply Vietnam visa online easy, express, cheap and secured with Vietnam e-visa and get the visa approval letter within few hours with Vietnam visa rush online. Get your Vietnam visa from reliable visa agency.

Vietnam Visa Application

Until recently, visa to Vietnam have been improved in procedure and less frustration for travelers. Attempts have been made by the Authority to exempt visas to some Scandinavian countries including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Finland and Japan, South Korea for maximum 15 days. Those citizens from Asian countries are Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos do not need a visa if they stay in Vietnam less than 30 days. Arranging the necessary paperwork for a Vietnamese visa has become fairly straight forward. Having a valid visa stamped in your passport prior to your departure is strongly recommended. You can apply from Vietnamese Embassy and Consulate oversea worldwide, however, not all cities you are staying have Vietnam Embassy. In this case, you need to do either via a third country or an inbound visa agency. Vietnam visa booking is able to assist you in the most helpful and effective way of handling.
, Private Vietnam visa, Vietnam family visit visa can be obtained at all Vietnam International Airports such as: Tan Son Nhat Airport (Ho Chi Minh City), Da Nang Aiport, Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi). Vietnam visa booking can help you to get a landing visa in order to save your time to obtain the visa to Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa upon Arrival - RECOMMENDED

This is fastest and the most convenient way to avoid the expensive and uneccessary time-consuming queuing at Embassies and the like. The entry visa will be stamped locally at the Immigration office on arrrival international airports within Vietnam comprising Hanoi/Noibai, Ho Chi Minh City/Tan Son Nhat and Danang - procedure is rather fast. You can choose either to settle directly the stamp fee (US$25-nett person/one month tourist visa) to the Authority or you pay to your travel agent - it is always the same. Although, the validity of visa is 30 days but you can easily extend it when you arrive Vietnam.
You need to have what is called an
Approval letter from Vietnam Department of Immigration to be able to get a stamp at airports. We will do this for you taking within 3 working days then we send you a copy either by email or fax, you hold it to board your flight - stamp procedure will be done when you arrive Vietnam.

Type of service Time to process Stamping Fee (USD) Rate for normal visa processing in USD
(get Visa on arrival in Vietnam)
Easy to obtain, save your time!
1-2 person 3-5 persons 6-9 persons 10 persons upwd
1 Month Single Entry Visa Upon Arrival 2 days 25 12 10 8 6
3 Months Single Entry Visa Upon Arrival 2 days 25 18 16 14 12
1 Month Multiple Entry Visa Upon Arrival 2 days 50 14 12 10 8
3 Months Multiple Entry Visa Upon Arrival 2 days 50 28 26 24 22


Vietnam Visa Approval Code

As said, this is the second way of obtaining Vietnam visa through our service network. If you live in a city, country in which it has a Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate, then you consider to do this. We will need your personal data in advance to process then we send you again an approval code enables you to get visa stamp into your passport.


In the urgent case, plus $15 for 1 day, $30 for 4 hours, $70 for 2 hours to complete the service.

Requirement: The following personal data is needed

      Your full name (First name - Last name)
Date of birth
Passport number
Proposed entry date

Vietnam visa booking takes full responsibility to send it to you either by email or fax with the approved the Visa Code or the Approval Letter which later allows you to obtain the visa on arrival.

Keep the approved letter carefully as you must show it to the Immigration Counter at the airport.

02 passport-sized photo is required for your visa stamped at the airport.


Questions and Answers on Vietnam Visa, Visa Vietnam

The followings are questions from customers all over the world asking for visa procedure which we collected and posted here for you for future reference. We continue to update more questions possible to make sure that you, (as travelers) coming to our country, will know exactly what to prepare prior to your trip.

1. Does Vietnam Travel visa start on entry or on date of approval?
The effective date will be on entry date (date give in the approval letter) or simply the date you arrive Vietnam as the approval date may be many days in advance prior to your date of arrival. From the entry date, you can delay your arrival but no longer than the duration of your whole stay approved. You are not normally allowed to enter Vietnam before the date of entry.

2. How do I extend Vietnam visa?
Vietnam visa extension is so easy nowadays. What you need is to hand in your passport to travel agency here for processing. Standard time is 8-10 working days. Urgent case can be up to 2 working days. Extended from C1, C2 visas
C1, C2 are Tourist visas
B3 is business visa
B2, B4 are Business visas
Normal processing is 8-10 working days
Urgent processing is 2-4 working days

3. Is validity of passport important?
Very important as you cannot apply for a Vietnam visa if your passport is expired. However, for some cases, you still can plan yourself that by the date of passport expire, your Vietnam visa (traveling period) is expired as well then you can go back after finishing holiday in Vietnam to extend your passport.

4. How many pictures (photos) exactly do I need to bring and what size?
4 pictures (photos), size 4x6 cm

5. What exact procedure do I have to do at arrival airport?
Hand in the approval letter (the one agency gave you in advance), your pictures and pay required visa stamp fee then your passport to be stamped for a valid visa then you exit the airport.

6. Do different passport holders have to pay different price?
Same for all once you are in the list of countries which need Vietnam visa.

7. Visa Vietnam, necessary?
Yes. Please review the list of visa exempt countries. If you are out of them, then of course, you need a Vietnam visa.

8. Queuing time for Vietnam visa at Embassies?
This greatly depends on each Embassy but normally should be a week or more.

9. Vietnam ports of visa on arrival?
Noi Bai airport (Hanoi), Tan Son Nhat airport (Ho Chi Minh City), Danang airport.

10. Vietnam visa urgent?
This is can be the fastest case in one hour, standard urgent processing time is 24 hours.

11. What is visa application form?
This is a form where you should input exactly what required for. The clearer and more exact information you provided, the less trouble you will have, the less time you have to go back and forth. Its form is here.

12. List of visa exempt countries?
Country and its citizen do not need Vietnam visa at the moment (list might be extended in the future)
Asian Countries(9)
a. Thailand (less than 30 days)
b. Indonesia (less than 30 days)
c. Singapore (less than 30 days)
d. Malaysia (less than 30 days) 
e. Laos (less than 30 days)
f. The Philippines (less than 21 days)
g. Brunei (less than 14 days)
h. Japan (less than 15 days)
i. South Korea (less than 15 days)

Scandinavian Countries(4)
a. Sweden (less than 15 days)
b. Denmark (less than 15 days)
c. Finland (less than 15 days)
d. Norway (less than 15 days) and,
e. Russia (less than 15 days)

13. What will happen if I do not have a credit card? Then is it ok if someone can pay for me on my behalf?
In case, you do not own a credit card, you still can apply visa with your friends or relatives credit card. Alternatively, you can do money transfer by Western Union (this way also saves your bank transaction fee).

14. Do I need a visa for a week?
Answer is definitely YES. Even if you just stay for some minutes (!) whenever you exit to the entrance of airport then you must have a valid visa.

15. Do US Flight Crewmembers need visas to stay in Vietnam while they are waiting to operate a flight out of the country? (Question from Denise Borrelli - Atlas Airs).
This will depend. If you just wait hour or some without exiting the airport then you do not but if you go out to stay in a hotel or just walking around then you certainly need it.

16. Visa Vietnam transfer 24h not required?
See answers on question 14th and 15th above.

17. American Traveling to Vietnam can I get a tourist visa at the Vietnam airport?
Yes you can for sure but you still need to arrange paperwork in advance (recommended). A tourist agency can help you with the paper called Letter of Approval then you get visa stamped at airport. This is different from Cambodia where you can have your visa stamped in more or less 30 minutes without any advanced document.

18. Should we all need passport when go to Viet Nam?
Of course yes. Without passport, you cannot enter Vietnam definitely.

19. As Canadian citizen can I get entry visa to Vietnam at airport?
Yes, you can. Please see back procedure for getting visa on arrival at airport above.

20. Do I need Vietnam visa, is Australian citizen?

Yes you do need it to enter Vietnam. Please make sure you have it in hand prior to your departure.

21. As a Canadian, do we need visa to enter Vietnam?
Yes you must have visa to enter Vietnam

22. Do US citizens need visas for Vietnam?
Yes you do. Learn more about Vietnam visa for US citizens

23. Price of same day express visa to Vietnam?

This is what we called "Urgent visa service" which you will get within 24 hour working day. Price of this service is added express service fee in our price mentioned above.

24. Traveling to Vietnam need a passport?
Yes you do need a passport and visa as well except exempted countries.

25. Visa Vietnam Norwegian citizens?
No you do not need visa. Duration of exemption is 15 days.

26. Does Russian need visa to enter Vietnam?
Yes you do.

27. Vietnam and how to get a visa on arrival and are they safe?
It is very safe to get Vietnam the visa on arrival and it is fast, convenient as well nowadays. What you need is just apply it via a travel agent then they will guide you thoroughly.

28. Do European Union citizens need visa to Vietnam?
Except countries Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway, all other countries need visa to enter Vietnam.

29. Can I extend visa Vietnam?
Answer is yes. First check your previous visa then see about information and cost to decide.

30. Can I get passport sized photos in Vietnam?

Service is available in the cities. If you forgot to bring with you to do visa procedure at airport then you can take on spot at the Immigration.

31. I will arrive Vietnam from Cambodia how to get tourist visa?

You will get your visa upon arrival airports Tan Son Nhat Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) or Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi) or Danang Airport. Please note, you cannot get Vietnam visa if you do not arrive either of the airports specified above. Arrange your visa in advance with one you trust and don't expect to get it like what you did while entering Cambodia.

32. Where to extend Vietnam visa in Ho Chi Minh?
Anywhere in Vietnam you are staying, just give us an email or call us +84 912685141 for your request then we will send our service staff to collect your original passport to process the extension. You do not need to pay in advance but upon receiving your extended visa stamp.

33. Countries that cannot apply Vietnam visa?
Regret but we cannot do visa service for the citizenship listed below

  1. Iran
  2. Iraq
  3. Nigeria
  4. Saudi Arabia
  5. Pakistan
  6. Jordan
  7. United Arab Emirates
  8. Lebanon
  9. Bangladesh
  10. Sri Lanka
  11. Malawi
  12. Palestine
  13. Tunisia

34. Do Australian citizens need Vietnam visa?
Yes you do.

35. Forgot to get a visa for Vietnam?

If you do not have it then you are not permitted to board the flight into Vietnam. In such urgency, please contact us immediately on our 24hour service phone: +84 912685141

For further information, please kindly contact us by telephone +84 912 685 141 or email